Out with the Old - Decluttering your Office

Do you like change?  Some people see change as an exciting time to learn and grow.  Others fear change and find it stressful even when change is for the better. When we shift from winter to spring, it is easy to appreciate the process of change as we see the landscape transformed by new growth.  Inspired by the changes we see around us, this is the time of year many of us take on new projects and decide to get rid of unnecessary things like old clothes and clutter.

The spring cleaning bug probably already found you at home, but how about at work? You might think that you don’t have time to declutter your clinic, but what if reorganizing creates more time by letting you work more efficiently?

Here are some great tips to reorganize the office at your clinic:

  • Purge! Clutter is distracting and reduces efficiency, so decide what to donate or discard
  • Store supplies and equipment you seldom use until they are needed again
  • Label the contents of drawers and cabinets so you don’t have to hunt for stored items
  • Scan loose papers if you don’t need the printed copy
  • Use inexpensive boxes to store old files away from your immediate workspace

By making time to declutter, you can create a more efficient workspace. Another easy change to make in your clinic? Nuvaply’s peel and stick vinyl patches are an easy repair tool for damaged table upholstery. Unlike many types of repair, this one takes just seconds. A definite change for the better!