Consumer Market, Restaurant Upholstery Repair, Vinyl bench Repair, Vinyl Patch kit, Vinyl seat covers -

Nuvaply for vinyl repairs in Restaurants, Bars, Cars etc!

Vinyl rips and tears are everywhere!!


 Even where Kids' dreams come true!

We are commonly asked if our Nuvaply product line has any relevance in the consumer market, for example - restaurant upholstery repair, vinyl bench and seat repairs, or car and bus seats.  The short answer is.... Absolutely!

Nuvaply is well known in the Professional Health market as the go-to technology for vinyl rips and tears in clinic equipment and treatment tables. It has been shown time and again to withstand the rigors of patient pressure, cleaning and daily wear and tear and is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. It is considerably more cost-effective and convenient than reupholstery and much more professional and durable than duct tape.

So next time you come across a rip or tear in your favorite restaurant's vinyl bench or seat, or sit in a taxi cab needing a seat repair - tell them about Nuvaply or "Report a Rip" on our Facebook page to win a gift card!