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Save 20% - Pic of your Rip Promotion

In the midst of one of the warmest winters we can remember (glad we are not in New England!), your friends at Nuvaply have been in great moods and pumped about life. In one of our recent brainstorming sessions, our New Marketing guy proposed to re-run an awesome 2014 Promotion we did with Nuvaply - so we said WHY NOT!

Here is how it works:

Step 1. Take a Picture of your Ripped Table or Equipment: Professional National Geographic photos are not required, you can use any Smartphone

Step 2. Send us the Picture: There are 3 ways to send us your picture - A) Email B) Fill out the Form on our website or C) Post the Picture on our Nuvaply Facebook page

Step 3. We will send you a 20% off Discount Code: This code can be used to purchase Nuvaply at our online store and enjoy the biggest savings of the year! Remember, we now have 6 popular colors and 3 sizes that will complement all treatment tables on the market. After purchasing Nuvaply at a discount, your table will be the envy of your friends and admired by your patients.

Step 4. Send us your After Picture and enter to WIN: After repairing with Nuvaply, we will remind you to send your After Picture of your repaired Table and tell us how much money you saved by avoiding the Reupholstery Guy! You will be entered to win a VISA Gift Card!