Gift-wrapping your Table, Happy Holidays, Nuvaply -

Happy Holidays - Leave the Gift-wrapping to the Elves

With the holiday season hurtling toward us at the speed of a runaway train, some of us here at Nuvaply – who shall remain nameless – know we have some late nights of gift wrapping ahead of us. Just like every year.

And what would Gift wrapping be without one’s trusty roll of tape? With that in mind, here are some tape facts we recently found...

  • The first use of tape? Socrates used an animal hide and sap to repair a hole in his house
  • Ben Jenkins holds the world’s record for the most pieces of tape stuck to his face: 1,145
  • The US uses enough Scotch tape to circle the Earth 165 times each year
  • 90 percent of households own a roll of tape … but might not know where it is.

The most common adhesive tape, Scotch tape, was invented in 1930. It was very popular during the Great Depression as a tool that helped people make simple repairs to household items. Decades after it was invented, we still try to repair commonplace objects with tape.

One Crafty Do-it-Yourselfer recently submitted the photo above of her Treatment Table. It is easily the most artful and elaborate "tape-repair" we have ever seen!... but there is an alternative. So, leave the Gift-wrapping and taping to the Elves this holiday season and let your patients admire your Nuvaply Repair Skills!

Nuvaply is the only Professionally-Developed repair system for damaged Clinic equipment that doesn't make your table look like it should be under a Christmas tree!