I have been in practice for 16 years and have had to deal with the cumbersome and expensive task of recovering my pelvic benches numerous times. The Nuvaply patches are genius. They cover the ripped or torn areas of our tables and they look great. They have different shades of patch colors to help either blend in or accentuate different colors of your table or bench. Thank you for such an amazing product!

Dr. Kevin Wong, Orinda Chiropractic Center (Orinda, California)

The upholstery on my chiropractic table developed "pukas", Hawaiian word for hole. Re-upholstering would require moving this 400 pound table to the upholstery shop. It would mean down time for at least a week. Using Nuvaply, I covered up the pukas in between treating patients. Fast, durable and looks great!

Dr. Alejandro Lazo, Maui Spinal Care (Maui, Hawaii)

We applied Nuvaply patches to two tables in the MLB visitors training room, just days before Opening Day. After the April homestands were finished, we asked the Clubhouse Manager how the patched tables held up to their visiting arch-rivals. He told us that they still looked like new, and that the visiting team took all of his patch kits (carelessly left in the visiting clubhouse) with them when they left town! Moral of the story: HIDE THE PATCH KITS!!" 

Brian Kolenich, Business Development Manager Bailey MFG